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Bazeilles High School


sve en anglaisBazeilles High School (Lycée de Bazeilles) is a public high school focused on the education for the hotel trade, restaurant industry and tourism in the Regional Education Authority of Reims. It hosts and trains more than 500 students who are from 15 to 20 years old. Lycée de Bazeilles develops its international dimension by promoting international cooperation and partnerships, it has already set up several international projects with the support of the International and European Affairs direction of the Regional Council.


Project description


sve en anglaissve en anglaisBazeilles High School offers its students, teachers and workers the opportunity to get involved in the international projects, to actively participate in society and develop a sense of European citizenship and identity. Therefore, ESC volunteer helps to implement different intercultural activities such as building up the knowledge about Erasmus+ exchange possibilities, introducing his/her culture by various means, organizing sport events, movie evenings with discussions in English, integration days for new students etc. A lot of activities are based on non-formal education methods outside of the classroom as a tool to help high school students to improve their foreign language skills and to get to know other cultures. Volunteer can always propose his/her own workshops or activities.


Project environment


  • Bazeilles High School is located in Bazeilles, a town of 2 000 inhabitants, in the department of Ardennes which is close to the Belgian border. Volunteer has his/her own apartment in the centre of Bazeilles where students (French and European) have their apartments.
  • Volunteer receives a transport card for the bus and train in the region.
  • Volunteer has lunch in the high school during the worktime. For the other part of the meal money is received.

Number of volunteers hosted: 1


A word from ESC volunteer

Frederike from Germany: I am working at the Lycée de Bazeilles to integrate English and German into the school and to raise students awareness towards Europe/Erasmus+. For example, I have informal German and English conversation lessons where a part of a class or a group of students come to speak English or German with me for one hour on my proposed topics. I like that my work contains a variety of activities. Every week I have new projects to work on, people I work with are always ready to help if needed and it’s always possible to set your own ideas up. During my « lessons » I mostly work with older pupils and students. Some of them have the same age as I do so the atmosphere in the class is more relaxed and most of them are very nice. In addition, I have several teachers I can always talk to if I need any type of help. Talking about the town I am doing my EVS, Bazeilles is a small village and might not be your first choice for your EVS location. However, I have found my friends here and there are also other EVS volunteers around who I can visit on the weekends!

And if you know a little French, read about Cora‘s experience!

*EVS stands for « European Voluntary Service », the previous name given to the European Solidarity Corps.

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