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Foyer Jean Thibierge


Foyer Jean Thibierge is a center that hosts and accompanies about fifty people with physical or cerebro-motor disability. The medical and social staff proposes care services, rehabilitation activities and support to personal projects to the residents. Foyer Jean Thibierge is composed of professional medical social workers: teacher specialized in the Education of Individuals with Disabilities, physical therapist, social workers, maintenance and service engineers, administrative and management staff.

Project description

Volunteer will work together with the educative team of the center. S/He will take part in different workshops (table tennis, plastic art, jewelry, computer, video game workshops etc.) and outings proposed to the residents. Volunteer will also be able to implement his/her own ideas corresponding to his/her interests and skills. Volunteer is not a medical or social professional worker, thus, his/her mission is to accompany and listen to disabled people who live at the center.  S/He will accompany residents in their personal and daily projects of social integration such as sport and social activity places, in friendly places like cafés, pub or stores.

Project environment

  • Foyer Jean Thibierge is located in the city center of Reims, a town with about 200 000 inhabitants. The volunteer is accommodated in a flat rented by a local student non-profit organization (AFEV) that together with students make social and local projects for the people living in the neighborhood. Volunteer shares a fully equipped apartment with two students.
  • Money is received to cover the local transport and food expenses.

Number of volunteers hosted: 1

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